Winey Smiles

There have been questions and speculations regarding whether or not red wine is worse for your teeth than white wine is.  Many say stop wining and drink up, while others say cheap wine stains worse than “the good stuff” (whatever that means).

Long story short, while red wine obviously contains more of the stain-causing pigment, the real problems are caused by the acid that is found in both red & white wines.  This acid microscopically etches/erodes your tooth’s enamel surface, thus allowing the pigments of both wine and food to lodge in these micro-crevices. This eroding of the surface can also cause greater sensitivity and tooth decay.

To avoid long-term tooth stains(sensitivity and tooth decay), we at the Five Pts Center of Aesthetic Dentistry recommend swilling a little water, enjoy some cheese and remember – FLOSSING & BRUSHING with an hour after drinking a glass of wine or eating, can be more beneficial than getting the spinach out of your smile. This cleansing allows the buffering properties of your saliva to neutralize the layer of acid left on teeth and thereby preventing further damage or staining.

Dr. AndreausWiney Smiles