Boomer Executive has a Dazzling Smile

A highly successful Boomer, Ardie Gregory, has been vice president and general manager of MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM since 1998, and she well remembers when she and her husband arrived from Baltimore to settle into their new lives. Dr. Andreaus “There was so much to attend to,” she recalls. “We needed a home, of course, and I was working with a … Read More

JeejrBoomer Executive has a Dazzling Smile

Sisters Share Many Attributes – Including Beautiful Smiles

Says Hunter Buxton,  “When my husband and I were first married, I said I hoped our children would get my teeth and his eyes—because he’s had a million cavities and I have very poor vision. Sadie, in the dental chair, wins approval from Dr. Andreaus for maintaining her Invisalign protocol, as Sister Drake and Mom Hunter express their pleasure. “It … Read More

JeejrSisters Share Many Attributes – Including Beautiful Smiles

Winey Smiles

This acid microscopically etches/erodes your tooth’s enamel surface, thus allowing the pigments of both wine and food to lodge in these micro-crevices.

Dr. AndreausWiney Smiles

New Technologies in Our Grasp

Here is bit of new info for the blog. We’ve had a few changes with the staff, Angela has left us for a office just a few miles from her house – living just one mile away from this office makes my life very simple when there are weather issues or the need to go back and get something – … Read More

Dr. AndreausNew Technologies in Our Grasp