Winey Smiles

This acid microscopically etches/erodes your tooth’s enamel surface, thus allowing the pigments of both wine and food to lodge in these micro-crevices.

Dr. AndreausWiney Smiles

Safe X-Rays at Your Next Dental Visit

Recent attention in the media about radiation exposure from a variety of sources provides you dentist an opportunity to educate you the  patient about the safe use of radiography by the dental profession. The ADA supports dentists’ use of the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle when prescribing radiographs, some thing we at the 5 Points Center for Aesthetic … Read More

Dr. AndreausSafe X-Rays at Your Next Dental Visit

New Technologies in Our Grasp

Here is bit of new info for the blog. We’ve had a few changes with the staff, Angela has left us for a office just a few miles from her house – living just one mile away from this office makes my life very simple when there are weather issues or the need to go back and get something – … Read More

Dr. AndreausNew Technologies in Our Grasp