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    Boomer Executive has a Dazzling Smile

    A highly successful Boomer, Ardie Gregory, has been vice president and general manager of MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM since 1998, and she well remembers when she and her husband arrived from Baltimore to settle into their new lives. Dr. Andreaus “There was so much to attend to,” she recalls. “We needed…

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    Sisters Share Many Attributes - Including Beautiful Smiles

    Says Hunter Buxton,  “When my husband and I were first married, I said I hoped our children would get my teeth and his eyes—because he’s had a million cavities and I have very poor vision. Sadie, in the dental chair, wins approval from Dr. Andreaus for maintaining her Invisalign protocol,…

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    Smiling Your Way Through the Holidays

    Okay, Hanukka, Christmas Day, and even through New Year's, one can expect to find those yummy temptations. You may bake extra cookies to give to friends and relatives, or you may join family for a holiday meal and succumb to pumpkin pie, chocolate covered almonds, and other tempestuous treats. Enough…

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    Winey Smiles

    There have been questions and speculations regarding whether or not red wine is worse for your teeth than white wine is.  Many say stop wining and drink up, while others say cheap wine stains worse than "the good stuff" (whatever that means). Long story short, while red wine obviously contains…

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    Safe X-Rays at Your Next Dental Visit

    Recent attention in the media about radiation exposure from a variety of sources provides you dentist an opportunity to educate you the  patient about the safe use of radiography by the dental profession. The ADA supports dentists’ use of the…

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